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While its role in Australian society continues to change, the media remains a key player in understanding and influencing public perception. Faraday Communications can assist your organisation by developing and implementing media strategies that protect and enhance your reputation and allow your voice to be heard. We also provide other behind-the-scenes support, including monitoring and analysing media coverage.

Putting yourself or someone in your team forward to represent your organisation can be daunting. Faraday provides media training to help you successfully communicate your message and respond effectively to questions as they emerge. We also provide targeted training for those in your team who are not authorised to represent your organisation, ensuring they do not become the accidental spokesperson when the media comes knocking on your door.

Social media is an essential tool for external communication, not merely for broadcasting your marketing messages but genuinely engaging with the people that matter to your organisation. Whether for relating to customers, your local community or your biggest critics, social media is a powerful communications channel that should not be ignored. Yet the speed of communication, multiplied by the audience size and the permanency of the content make social media inherently risky and can exaggerate the impact of any reputational exposure. Faraday Communications is highly experienced in identifying and mitigating these social media risks to ensure your online activity serves to enhance your organisation’s reputation.


Change is inevitable for every organisation, big or small. The risk is not that an organisation’s situation will one day change, it is that this change is poorly managed. Successful change management requires anticipation, holistic planning and streamlined implementation. There are always more potentially affected stakeholders than first thought and their needs are diverse and often incompatible. If your situation has changed and you need help identifying and communicating with those who will be affected, Faraday Communications is here to assist. 


Crises occur without warning and for many reasons, whether entirely the fault of the organisation, a natural event or due to the actions of another party. It is essential that your organisation moves quickly to begin communicating authentically in order to avoid permanently damaging your reputation. Faraday Communications is highly experienced in delivering crisis communications that protect and enhance an organisation’s reputation.


The most valuable asset a company has in its inventory is its reputation. Most reputation-significant challenges an organisation faces can be anticipated and managed effectively through the availability of professional issues management advice, which means building meaningful relationships with key stakeholders including customers, the community and regulatory bodies. Through a robust and transparent approach, most issues can be successfully managed before they turn into a full reputational crisis for an organisation. 


Putting pen to paper to craft meaningful communications can be tricky. Whether you need help delivering a speech, preparing a brochure or writing a report, there is help available so you can quickly get back to doing your day job. If you are confronting a blank page or a page full of indecipherable technical language, Faraday Communications can help. Faraday is highly experienced in turning complexity into simple language that non-experts can understand. We have a long track record of working with subject matter experts such as engineers, accountants, lawyers, OH&S professionals and technicians to convert their decades of know-how into a form that will make sense to everyone else. Faraday also has access to a network of graphic design professionals who can display this content in an easily digestible format.

For a technical expert, risk is highly quantifiable. For everyone else, it is typically entirely subjective. Some organisations struggle to engage people to take a risk seriously. In most cases, though, the public’s perception of risk is much higher than the experts believe it should be. Faraday Communications can help you manage both scenarios using industry-recognised risk and outrage communication principles. 




Putting people first

People matter. Whether it is your neighbours, customers, employees, the media, regulators, shareholders or government, the people you interact with in the course of doing business each have a legitimate stake in your organisation. Ignoring these stakeholders, or reducing them to mere line items in a spreadsheet, risks your organisation’s reputation and its future success.

Faraday Communications exists to help you manage the interface between your business and the many stakeholders with which you should be engaging. We help protect and enhance your reputation by:

  • Seeking to understand your business

  • Seeking to understand the needs of each stakeholder

  • Building relationships with your stakeholders

  • Creating and implementing holistic communications strategies


How is Faraday Communications different?

Traditional public relations firms and large advertising agencies bombard you with metrics and scoring systems that make you believe your communications have been successful based on a set of numbers. Yet the people who matter most to you still don’t seem to understand your business and are unhappy with how you operate.

Founded on the principle that the truth is always the best policy, Faraday Communications exists to provide genuine stakeholder engagement through building relationships. No spin, no useless numbers.


Why Faraday?

Faraday Communications takes its name from British chemist and physicist Michael Faraday (1791-1867), who made a significant contribution to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. Faraday was a humble man who, despite his significant achievements, turned down a knighthood in favour of remaining “Mr Faraday”.

Much like electromagnetism and electrochemistry, an organisation’s reputation is invisible and yet it has tremendous power. It can be a force for good, but comes with many dangers. Safely harnessing an organisation’s reputation requires experience and the right set of hands.

In much the same way that the Faraday Shield protects the occupant from electromagnetism and electricity, Faraday Communications operates to safely manage an organisation’s reputational risk.






Sam has more than 15 years experience in corporate communications, issues management, stakeholder relations and the news media. He has provided strategic communications and corporate affairs advice to both private and government organisations, having worked across a range of sectors including energy, transport, infrastructure, tertiary education and retail. Sam was also the Editor of a 120-year-old Australian newspaper.

Sam is highly experienced in building relationships with a wide range of stakeholders through both proactive and reactive communications. He is experienced in crisis management, change communications, outrage management and corporate communications.

Highly trusted by colleagues, Sam specialises in managing situations where stakeholder concern is elevated or misaligned with actual risk.


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